MODEL CALL: Heart Horse - Sara Roxanne Photography

Model Call:

The Heart Horse Project is looking for subjects!

Are you:

- An upper level professional in the horse industry who has had many horses throughout your career

- Currently have (or have access to) that one extra special horse – your “heart horse” – horse can be currently competing or retired.

- Willing to be photographed with your heart horse (approx. 1 hr)

- Willing to be interviewed about your heart horse – preferably in person, but can also email you questions to send back

- Located in Southern CA (driving distance from north San Diego) or showing in SoCal, OR AT ANY WEEK OF THERMAL

- Not a top level professional but have a very special or interesting story? Shoot me an email.

- I am looking for people at the top level of any discipline! You will receive digital copies of            selected images from your photo session and    your Heart Horse image series. Option of prints   or metal prints can be discussed as well. Please feel free to share this, send it to anyone who    might be interested, or send me suggestions of who I might contact! Thank you!


Phone: 805-231-6396



Heart Horse: Kristin Hardin and Bert

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